Carbon monoxide is invisible, silent, and deadly.

Don’t take chances. Have a CO alarm installed in your home today.

Every year, Canadians die or are seriously injured by carbon monoxide poisoning. Chances are there is something in your home that could pose a carbon monoxide threat. Carbon monoxide is found in propane, natural gas, wood, heating oil, gasoline and many other substances commonly found in homes.

Protect yourself and your family.

If you don’t have a carbon monoxide alarm installed in your home, do so immediately. For maximum protection, install your alarms outside primary sleeping areas and on each level of your home.

ClimateCare and the Hawkins –Gignac Foundation.

ClimateCare has partnered with the Hawkins-Gignac Foundation, an organization dedicated to carbon monoxide education and safety. Together, we’re working to ensure that no one ever has to suffer from CO poisoning again.